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The signals are also reflected back to the receiver the captured radio signals are then studied by a deep learning algorithm that can determine the sleep stages a subject is going through the researchers say they also plan to conduct further studies on.

The impact diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s have on sleep Cincinnati zoo director – Penn book about famous hippo move-over chamber the Cincinnati zoos got a bright shining star whose cuteness it hopes will make everyone forget about.

That dark day in May  Fiona the hippo was born six weeks premature weighing in at only pounds tiny compared to the average weight of between and pounds unable to stand and unwilling to eat the baby hippo required oxygen tubes and -hour care for months to stay alive which the zoo staff admits was very much in doubt.

Now six months old and her scale reading a  whopping pounds Fiona the hippo is out of the woods and set to make a big splash on the covers of books the zoo’s director.

Thane Maine art announced this week he’ll be writing a children’s book entitled stay tuned Fiona science social media and the story of a baby hippo to be released in proceeds of the  will all go toward the zoo which is winning back headlines this year by

Fiona’s life following an onslaught of worldwide criticism over the tragic passing of year-old male silver gorilla Bedchamber no word yet on whether Bedchamber will make it into this book or even get his own book someday as with all stories related to the Cincinnati Zoo we’ll end this by saying this one’s for you Bedchamber there’s no hippo that could.

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