Medicare dental plans | dental insurance reviews

Medicare dental plans | dental insurance reviews

  • like during the day if I Medicare dental plans that has like garlic .
  • I just have like a nasty food taste in my mouth I do like to go and brush.
  • my  teeth so typically sometimes three times a day so once that is all.
  • done and then I will go in with this aura brush this  is literally a
  • game-changer for your mouth basically what it is is just something
  • to clean your tongue with I know a lot of people will just
  •  use their toothbrush to clean their tongue.

like this because it has these really

  • tiny bristles on the top so I feel like I can scrape my tongue and  get
  • all that gunk out I was watching another video of a girl who made such
  • a good point when it comes to your tongue and she said.

your tongue is basically just like a sponge or like.

  • a carpet that  just absorbs bacteria and disgusting this on your mouth
  • and if you’re brushing your teeth flossing and doing all that but
  • you’re not cleaning your tongue essentially.

your breath is still going to sting.

  • and you’re still gonna  have bacteria in your mouth because
  • all that white stuff that’s usually on your tongue throughou
  •  the day that’s just bacteria just literally sitting there and that is 
  • of the main causes of bad breath so I like this  because what I do.
  • with it is I just scrape my tongue rinse scrape rinse scrape rinse       

 until I get all of that bacteria out.

  • when you don’t use this like I can tell my mouth just feel so .
  • much more clean and  refreshed so you can get this anywhere .
  • I got mine at Walmart they have like a ton of different .
  • kind of things to clean your tongue but I just like thigh.