Whay We Use Dentemax IN USA

The Dentemax beginning and just get to know people and hopefully when they’re ready to get disability they give us a  Dentemax call whether it’s right away or five years from now we’re always going so there’s a lot of different rules in life they’re hard to keep track of .


Where can you know dentistry you think it’s kind of nuts you got to get a state license in New Jersey and in Pennsylvania you think you’re good enough dentists in New Jersey though Pennsylvania’s like whoa whoa whoa you need.

A new license I think this is kind of foolish at times or maybe all the time but I tell us what states and where can you guys work with what you do we’re all over we have clients in all states we really grown organically and that’s what we believe is .

The right thing to do so it’s building one relationship at a time we meet someone and then they come work for you and then we get to meet you and and and branch up from there so we are around the country I’ll time zones Dennis

We like to know how things work have you been inside a dental office is a lot of fun it’s like a circus where you know the animals don’t try to kill you just annoy you to death slowly um but uh Dennis we do these procedures you know like like kind of .

When you were the nacho maker recipes like you know put this material on the tooth rub it for seconds use this light so walk us through step by step you know you’re a fourth-year dental student it’s now and you saw this pole and you said you.

Know what I should get disability insurance what’s my next step so when we started started years ago in dentistry our next step would be to email somebody two or three quotes because that’s what we thought they wanted and

Through experience and getting better we realized that people who want to understand the stuff and these insurance companies can be very nasty and they know how to put.

The words in their favor or not yours so where we start our process with with new clients is taking the time to teach them about contract language what to look for different options that way when they have to make a decision you know.