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Okay la gettingĀ ameritas dental squished then we have a recession around the teeth so whenever I can actually place a fix temporary this is true routine and I did bonding that to the neighboring tooth just to ensure additional stability so this is what patience this is a temporary here.

ameritas dental
ameritas dental

We already I’m expecting to see a little bit of creeping periodontal attachment especially creasing gingiva so she’s feeling healing at this point so why don’t both hurl why the need for it so number one it’s soft tissue friendly it’s a great alternative to titanium today .

I’m gonna go over some studies to show you exactly why we say that it is cement free cement we know causes a lot of peri-implant problems peri-implantitis especially in the titanium that’s why we’re moving more towards Curie pain I do some of my own restorations for single and multiple dental implants and % of the time there’s foreign aid I do not

Want to deal with cement especially after that the history we’ve had throughout my lecture I want to talk a little bit about the history of ceramic implants and how did it come about I mean we’ve had them now since the s and we don’t just use .

Them for teeth but we have hip ceramic implants we have nice around the components for people that are allergic we actually have a dentist’s colleague of ours he has both hips in ceramics the types of now implants already mentioned some of them that I used I’m going to go over some of their implant research